Roger Peterson

Roger Francis Peterson December 1 1980,  Savaneta, Aruba

He was the lead singer for the now-defunct rock band Intwine, active from 2001 to 2010. Also, he competed in the first season of the Dutch talent show Idols. He was born in Savaneta to an Aruba-born father and a Curaçao-born mother. Growing up, he lived in Savaneta and San Nicolas. Ryan is his elder brother. When Peterson was six years old, he sang in a local church choir. When he was fifteen, he drummed in a Britpop band called Moose and a nu metal band called Lemonbong. As a vocalist in Alias, Peterson started a new band with a fellow member of Moose. Among the clubs he performed at with Alias were The Cellar and Black Hog Saloon. Eventually, he met guitarist Martin Buitenweg, with whom he formed R&M. In 2000, the duo released an album titled The R&M Project at the Chaos Cafe. Aruban radio played four songs from the album, and one topped the charts for seven weeks. In early 2000, Peterson moved to the Netherlands to study sociology after graduating from Colegio Arubano. The Fontys Rockacademie of Tilburg approved him as a student after he decided he wanted a career in music. On the island of Sint Maarten, he met guitarist Jacob Streefkerk and bassist Edsel “Touché” Eusebius. Michael Maidwell is the frontman of the roots reggae band Orange Grove. Orange Grove featured Peterson as their second vocalist, performing at several Dutch music venues as well as on Sint Maarten. Peterson, Streefkerk, and Eusebius formed Intwine after their activities at Orange Grove. With fellow students Erwin Gielen (drums) and Kevin Hissink (guitar), they formed the band.

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